Update: Bayern Munich suspect Morocco playing Mazraoui with COVID triggered pericarditis

Oh great, this is just a disaster. 2023 is off to a cursed start for Bayern Munich with Noussair Mazroaui missing six to eight weeks with pericarditis. During his vacation after the World Cup, the Moroccan supporter apparently contracted severe COVID-19 during his vacation. According to Bild, blood tests carried out on the player revealed the need for complete rest for the next few weeks. He will be tested regularly from now on, with doctors keeping a close eye on him to decide when he can return to training.

Needless to say, this news destroys Bayern’s hopes in the Champions League and beyond. Mazraoui was one of the best performers in the Hinrunde, and missing him for PSG’s first leg could have killed the deal. With Lucas Hernandez and Manuel Neuer already ruled out, Julian Nagelsmann has to deal with the loss of another key defender against the likes of Leo Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar.

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As you may recall, this is the second year in a row that a Bayern supporter has been sidelined due to heart problems stemming from COVID. Last year, Alphonso Davies was diagnosed with myocarditis during the winter break, and missed the Champions League quarter-finals until the second leg against Villarreal. If Mazraoui’s recovery chart is anything to go by, he may not have a quarter-final to play when he returns.

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Honestly, this news is just… heartbreaking. There is nothing else to say. Just another example of pure, bad luck in a season full of bad luck.


Meanwhile, Marcel Sabitzer did not go to the team’s training camp in Qatar due to illness.

Update #2

WHAT. Did Mazraoui have COVID at the World Cup? Then why did he play against France?

Of note, the difference between Mazraoui’s case and Davies’ is that the pericardium is the outer fibrous layer that covers the heart, while the myocardium (which in Davies’ case was inflamed, hence the myocarditis) refers to the walls of the heart muscle. yourself

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Update #3

So Bayern Munich is doubting something later.


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