Is the cleansing device worth the hype?

Trying to cut through the noise of beauty technology is a difficult task. The jade roller used to be the most advanced skin care tool you could have in your arsenal, but now we have devices with blue light, ultrasound, laser, and LED. It’s confusing, and with their high prices, you don’t have the luxury of trying them out and hoping they work.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience all of them – thanks to my job – and I can safely say that they’re all a bit… meh. I might love them for a week or so, but soon they’re pushed to the back of my bathroom cabinet like an abandoned doll. toy Story (but not so heartbreaking – let’s make that clear).

Any skin expert will tell you the products you actually usage is good. Skincare doesn’t work without consistency, and that includes gadgets. I came to the conclusion that I just didn’t have the commitment these skin tools required until I tried the Foreo LUNA 4 Cleanser. I found my version of Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s gadget and he was impossible to give up.

FOREO LUNA™ 4 smart facial cleansing and firming massage device for sensitive skin



As someone with rosacea, I’ve always had a strict rule that nothing with bristles comes near my face. If I saw the Clarisonic, I swear it put fire in my cheeks. But when I received the Foreo LUNA 4 in its version specially designed for sensitive skin, I had a Carrie Bradshaw experience and couldn’t help but wonder, “What about those silicone bristles. how to soft?”.

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I wouldn’t say their softness rivals my cat’s fluffiness, but for something designed to repel sweat and dirt, it was pretty impressive. Especially when you consider that silicone is extremely hygienic and difficult to clean.

I’ve always been a muslin girl (if that’s a thing). I liked that they could be put in with the wash, they were cheap and provided a gentle exfoliation. On a whim, I decided to ditch the clothes and try this expensive Foreo device to prove it was not is worth the high price. But the thing was, I couldn’t.

Not only did I find that there was no foundation left on my skin, but my face felt radiant afterwards thanks to the gentle massage it gave. My face was clean, no dryness. It annoyed me that it worked so well because I really wanted to prove that the cheapest solution is always the best.

I also remembered to use it. Can you imagine? Are you actively looking for a skincare device that doesn’t end up on the back of your bathroom shelf collecting dust? It was unheard of. Even after the pub, my groggy brain remembered to pick up my device and wash off my makeup. This had never happened to me before.

foreo luna cleaning device review

My skin looks clean after cleansing

Not only did I notice less breakouts, but any texture issues I had seemed to even out. I’ve always had rougher skin around my jawline, a ‘textured beard’ if you will, but after just a week I noticed it was completely softened. No retinol or chemical peel had succeeded.

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Although it recommends using the device with a foaming cleanser, they don’t work for my skin. I’ve tried the gel and cream textures and found them to work just as well, so don’t buy another cleanser if you don’t have to.

One of the biggest bugbears I’ve seen with them online is that you have to pair your device via Bluetooth with the Foreo app to set them up. I personally didn’t struggle with it, but I can imagine it’s not ideal for technophobes. The good news is that once it’s done, it’s done, and you’re free to use it without opening the app. If you still want to use this technology, you can sync your device and choose different cleaning and massage treatments to play with.

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As I mentioned, this device is not cheap, but it is does comes with some nifty features that help justify the price. Along with the pillow-soft bristles, it also has 16 intensities to choose from and can be used as a massage tool to promote lymphatic drainage (the key to preventing toxin build-up). Although it can be used both morning and night, I tend to use it with a second cleanser to make sure I’ve removed all traces of makeup. Also, I’ve been using it since September and haven’t had to charge it once.

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While it’s still not what I’d call cheap, if you’re just after an effective cleaner, I’d recommend going with the cheaper LUNA mini 3 option. It doesn’t have all the fancy massage settings and bells and whistles, but it does a great job of removing dirt. Plus, it’s smaller, which makes it a great travel companion. For women with sensitive skin, this bristle isn’t as soft as the LUNA 4 option, but if you don’t mind more friction, I’d say it cleans just as effectively.

FOREO LUNA Mini 3 – Mint



In the grand scheme of things, it’s not particularly important to include in your skincare routine—it’s not like we’re talking about SPF here. But when I accidentally forget to add it to my wash bag when I wash my face, it feels like I’m brushing my teeth without toothpaste – not very fresh. All I can say is that if you have the coins to spend, this is a great investment. I miss it when I forget to pack it and I’m someone who can happily go weeks without seeing my lifelong best friends – that’s saying something.


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