‘I can’t believe you’re in a box still’

Final three Rowan Grace and Kim Cruse await their fate, while Kiqué waits on lockdown for COVID, on 'The Voice' Top 10 results of season 22 are revealed. (Photo: NBC)

Final three Rowan Grace and Kim Cruse await their fate, while Kiqué waits on lockdown for COVID, in the top 10 results of season 22 of ‘The Voice’. (Photo: NBC)

Tuesday brought voice Shows the top 10 results of season 22, which determined the eight contestants who would advance to the semi-finals. But alas, one of the contestants who didn’t move on, a former candidate, didn’t even get to give a proper farewell.

Earlier in the evening, host Carson Daly explained that seven singers would be voted off by America, based on Monday’s 10 best performances. And of course, the first artist to come forward was the greatest of them all, the true original Bodie and the perfect risk-taker. Bodie’s fast-rapping/singing cover of TikTok star JVKE’s “Golden Hour” on Monday had his proud and amazed coach, Blake Shelton, not only declaring it possibly “the hardest song ever I’ve ever heard anyone try to do on this show.” but probably “the best performance I’ve ever seen on this show.” Fortunately, America agreed with this assessment. And I’m already looking forward to seeing what Bodie does next week – and in two weeks in the finale, because I can’t imagine him not going all the way at this point.

Also moving right into the semifinals before Tuesday’s first commercial break was this week’s other rock star standout, Team Camila guitar goddess Morgan Michaels. This meant that original coach Camila Cabello would still be represented moving forward. Poor Camila started out with such a strong team that I once predicted she would win this entire season, but then she quickly lost three of her four artists in the Live Playoffs, leaving her with only Morgan, “her wife of last leg”. But Camila can still wins it all with Morgan… and honestly, a front two of Bodie and Morgan would be one of the most exciting voice finals in years.

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Two contestants I hoped would be in the top four of that final with Bodie and Morgan were Team Gwen’s indie-soul Kiqué and Team Legend’s “Velvet Powerhouse” Kim Cruse – but disappointingly, both singers went down in the end on Tuesday, despite giving dynamite. show the night before. Kim’s score was shocking, considering her cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” had been so electrifying that Carson actually believed Rihanna would approve. Gwen Stefani even noted that Kim was “underrated this season,” but “now everyone’s going to wake up and say, ‘Why weren’t we making a bigger deal about Kim?'” But apparently Gwen’s statement it was only half-correct.

As for Gwen’s Endangered contestant Kiqué, I thought he would have gotten admirably back on track this week after landing at the bottom last week. But perhaps the fact that NBC was forced to air a pre-taped performance in Kiqué’s studio on Monday — because he had tested positive for COVID-19 and couldn’t appear on the live show — hurt his chances. As Kique listened to Carson read off the final three scores while he waited in isolation, my heart went out to the kid… and my brain wondered how he was going to remotely sing about Instant Save from his quarantined hotel room.

Instead, the show aired another Pre-recorded performance, this time Kiqué covering Leon Bridges’ “River”. The visuals were quietly convincing, but I think Kique is the kind of performer who has adrenaline – that’s how he won the Save last week – and I wonder if he would have been IN At the moment, on live television, the end result would be much harsher, more of a fight song. This footage appears to have been filmed at the same time last Friday that Kiqué performed “for robot cameras” (as he explained on social media) when filming his top 10 closing performance – as in, the performance that bottom had landed on the chopping block. So he looked doomed tonight.

Team Blake’s Rowan Grace was the third singer in jeopardy on Tuesday, which was no shocker – although she did give a solid Billie Eilish performance on Monday and I honestly would have swapped her place in the bottom three with her pal nice but boring, Brayden. Lape, which I think peaked weeks ago. Rowan was the first of the final three contestants to compete for that final spot in the top eight, and while her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” was sweet and beautiful, it lacked grit, gravitas, or blood/sweat / tears. be a full savings performance. It was unlikely that Rowan would win this matchup, by a landslide or otherwise.

And then there was Kim, doing a gospel version of Brooks & Dunn’s “Believe” (probably a shrewd strategy to appeal to voicethe main audience of the country?). And while she sounded unamplified, especially at the start, she had full lung power to overcome any problems with the wrong microphone. She received a standing ovation from all four coaches, and her coach, John Legend, told her, “I truly believe you’re one of the best vocalists I’ve ever worked with.”

Five minutes and a commercial break later, the instant votes had been counted and America saved… Kim Cruse. I certainly couldn’t argue with that verdict, and I hope viewers finally realize how special she is and stop taking her immense talent for granted again. But I felt terrible for Kiqué, whose remote connection went down during the final minutes of the episode, so he only had 20 seconds to say goodbye to his coach and likely didn’t get to hear the kind words of praise of Gwen at this moment.

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Hopefully Kiqué will be able to watch this episode and see Gwen gushing about him. “I can’t believe you’re still in a box,” she complained, disappointed that she couldn’t address him personally. “I’ve been on this show for six seasons, and [Kiqué is] probably the first artist I’ve ever worked with that I’ve been blown away by his craftsmanship. I learned to trust him immediately. Whatever he wants to do, he’ll come with a vision, and it’s just super exciting to work with someone who’s a pure artist like him.”

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So now, Blake has three artists in the top eight (Bodie, Brayden and Bryce Leatherwood), John also has three (Parijita Bastola, Omar José Cardona and Kim), and Camila and Gwen only have one contestant each. We hope all eight singers stay healthy and are able to finish live next week. But on a side note, I have to say that I enjoyed Gwen’s wacky and chaotic house party/entertainment rendition of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” with her last man standing, Justin Aaron, a lot more than I expected (even though I kept wishing Kiqué had been there for what was supposed to be a set number). At this point in the game, Justin probably shouldn’t take huge risks and stray too far from his classic R&B lane. competitive episodes, but it was great to see him swing like that. And I dare say he almost wowed rocker girl Gwen with his soulful performance.

Come back next Monday to see who swings the vote and who makes them voice Season 22 finale.

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