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December 2, 2022 – Account suspended by Twitter Yesearlier Kanye Westafter the musician tweeted a graphic of a Jewish star-encrusted swastika on Thursday.

Ye has repeatedly claimed in recent months that the Jewish cabal controls the media and other powerful institutions. You have claimed that the Jews have tried to silence him, imprison him and financially ruin him. These announcements have caused widespread backlash from political commentators and public figures.

The musician recently announced his 2024 presidential bid and sparked controversy by teaming up with an anti-Semitic internet personality. Nick Fuentes and defender of the alt-right Milo Yiannopoulos.

Speaking for a conspiracy theorist Alex JonesOn Thursday’s show, Yeh declared: “I like Hitler.” He later added, “I love the Jews, but I also love the Nazis.” You chose to wear a mask throughout your appearance.

“I tried my best,” Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk in a tweet For a Twitter user. “Despite that, [Ye] again violated our rule against incitement to violence. The account will be suspended.”

Musk bought Twitter on the promise of more permissive content moderation policies. Still, despite the concerns of Musk’s detractors and some of Musk’s own public statements, Ye’s suspension suggests that Twitter will maintain at least basic guardrails against outrageous content.

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In October, before Musk took over, Twitter banned Ye’s account after tweeting that he would “start with death.” [sic] 3 concerning the JEWS. He told Jones he sent the tweet while under the influence of alcohol.

That same month, the right-wing social media platform Parler announced that Ye planned to acquire the company. On Thursday, Parler said Ye and the company had “mutually agreed” to cancel the deal.

The FCC awards spectrum licenses in the 2.5 GHz band

The Federal Communications Commission granted 51 large form applications and issued 650 spectrum licenses in the 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) band, the agency said Thursday.

“This is important spectrum, especially for rural America. I am grateful to our team for moving quickly but carefully in processing these applications,” said the FCC chair. Jessica Rosenworcel. “We remain focused on ensuring that mid-band spectrum is available for 5G and other next-generation wireless services.”

The FCC announced the winners of the 2.5GHz auction in September. The commission said the auction raised nearly $420 million.

Spectrum allocation has been a major concern of the FCC recently. In October, the agency approved the measure seeking comment on the 12.7-13.25 GHz band, and Commissioner Brendan Carr urged his colleagues to increase the permit rate the following month.

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Over the summer, the commission released an updated memorandum of understanding with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which oversees federally used spectrum. Many experts have called on federal agencies to give up unused spectrum for private sector use, which they say would help the spread of next-generation technologies like 5G.

Senators introduce bill to “streamline” USDA broadband programs

A bipartisan coalition on behalf of Sen. John ThuneRS.D., introduced a bill Tuesday that would combine the Agriculture Department’s ReConnect program with the agency’s other broadband funding initiatives.

The coalition, including Sens. Ben Ray Lujan DN.M., Amy KlobucharD-Minn. and Deb Fisher, R-Neb. claims that the Rural Internet Improvement Act would facilitate the effective transfer of funding to rural areas. The bill would also limit the disbursement of ReConnect funds to areas where at least 90 percent of households lack broadband service.

“High-speed, reliable broadband is critical to New Mexico families and businesses, but the digital divide is leaving too many rural and tribal communities behind,” Lujan said. “I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation to make USDA programs more effective and ensure underserved communities receive the investments they need.”

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Several trade groups support the bill.

“Long ago. Thune has long been a leader in promoting and sustaining better broadband access in rural areas, and NTCA appreciates his continued interest and leadership in examining ways to improve the operation of ReConnect, the USDA loan and grant program,” said. Shirley BloomfieldNTCA – Executive Director of the Rural Broadband Association.

“These are solid improvements to the current program that should be passed as part of next year’s farm bill,” NCTA, the Internet and Television Association, said in a statement. “Deploying stable, affordable high-speed broadband to all Americans is a top priority for cable providers, so we look forward to working with members to pass this legislation.”

Addendum: First story previously updated with news of Ye canceling Parler purchase.

Correction: An earlier version of the third story incorrectly stated that Shirley Bloomfield was the executive director of the NCTA. She is actually the CEO of NTCA.


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