David Bowie Dead: His Life in Pictures

The early years of David Bowie

Dezo Hoffmann/REX/Shutterstock

David Bowie was often referred to as a chameleon. Before arriving at his sci-fi look, he flirted with beatnik and hippie imagery. (This photo is from 1960.)

David Bowie as Davie Jones


Bowie, pictured here in 1965, first rose to fame under the name “Davie Jones”. His son, Duncan, a film director, still uses the family’s original surname.

David Bowie’s early band

Ray Stevenson/REX/Shutterstock

Bowie (far left, in 1969) briefly led a band called the Feathers with his then-girlfriend Hermione Farthingale (centre) and John Hutchinson in London in the late 60s.

Early David Bowie style

Michael Ochs/Getty Images Archives

Bowie’s style was much more conservative when he was first starting out as a musician – check him out in this skinny tie in 1966.

David Bowie’s musical talents

London Features/UPPA/ZUMAPRESS.com

The musician, pictured here in 1970, played saxophone in addition to keyboards and guitar. His childhood saxophone teacher, Ronnie Ross, plays the solo part in Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side.

David Bowie’s eyes


Bowie’s left pupil was permanently dilated after a 1962 row with childhood friend George Underwood over – what else? – a girl. The singer apparently thanked Underwood for the injury later, saying it gave him “a kind of mystique.”

David Bowie’s Space Wonder

Michael Ochs/Getty Images Archives

This 1969 photo is from the promotional campaign for Bowie’s album The wonder of space. Aside from the iconic song, not much of the album is considered an irreplaceable part of Bowie’s oeuvre.

David Bowie as a father


Bowie had a son, Duncan (middle name Zowie), with his wife Angie, in 1971. The pair would divorce in 1980 and Duncan, with his father’s original surname Jones, would later become a film director.

David Bowie in 1973

Evening Standard/Getty Images

The artist, here in 1973, increasingly flirted with androgyny throughout his career.

David Bowie and wife Angie


Pictured here in 1973, Bowie married his wife Angie (then Mary Angela Barnett) in 1970 – the couple were married for 10 years.

David Bowie’s 70s style

Ilpo Musto/Rex/REX USA

Seen here in 1973, Bowie’s early 70s look remains one of his best-loved – in particular the lightning bolt makeup from the cover of Aladdin Sane.

Massive sales of David Bowie’s music

PA Wire via ZUMA Press

Bowie, here in 1973, is believed to have sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 million records during his career.

David Bowie’s Famous Friends

Alpha Press

Yoko Ono and John Lennon (here with Bowie in 1975) were close to the singer; the latter wrote Bowie’s hit “Fame.”

David Bowie’s Heroes

Masayoshi Sukita

Bowie’s 1977 album cover heroes was shot by his longtime associate Masayoshi Sukita.

David Bowie and Iggy Pop


Bowie enjoyed fruitful collaborations with a number of other rock and roll stars, such as Iggy Pop (here, left, in the early ’80s) and Lou Reed.

David Bowie in the 80s


Bowie performing in 1987, touring behind the album never let me go.

David Bowie and Tina Turner

Alpha Press

Tina Turner – here with Bowie in 1989 – duets with him on the 1984 song “Tonight”.

David Bowie marries Iman

Brian Aris

Bowie met supermodel Iman in 1990. The pair married two years later and remained together until his death in early 2016.

David Bowie in the 90s

Photoshot/Getty Images

Bowie continued to update his look to match his evolving musical aesthetic throughout the ’90s.

David Bowie in the 00s


Bowie (pictured in 2000) maintained an active recording schedule throughout the late ’90s and early ’00s, releasing albums in 1997, 1999, 2002 and 2003.

David Bowie and Iman

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Bowie and Iman (here in 2009) were seen together, although the singer’s performance was cut short.

David Bowie’s last albums

Nicolas Khayat/ABACA

The singer surprised fans in 2013 by collapsing Another day, his first album of new material in 10 years. He released his latest album, Black Staron Friday, January 8, 2011 – his 69th birthday – before he died on Sunday, January 10. One producer called the recording a “parting gift”.


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