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Tokyo Japan, 27 November 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canon Inc. Today, Canon Healthcare USA, INC. strengthens the company’s presence in the highly influential American medical market. announced that it has decided to establish a new subsidiary, which will be named , Canon aims to accelerate the growth of its medical business.

The Canon group is currently working on a major strategic transformation of its business portfolio to drive future growth. The last of the company’s 5-year management programs in the Perfect Global Corporate Plan series, VI. Under this slogan, Canon strives to increase its competitiveness in various areas of the medical industry, including diagnostic equipment such as CT, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound systems, as well as medical component businesses such as X-ray tubes, X-ray detectors and switches. MRI components. The company is also making progress in health informatics and in vitro diagnostics.

One of the most pressing challenges for Canon’s medical business has been the need to strengthen its presence in the American medical industry, which is highly influential in the global market. Canon has decided to consider the Cleveland region, a major hub in the country’s medical industry, as a candidate location to establish Canon Healthcare USA, INC., to strengthen the company’s competitive presence in the global market.

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With the establishment of Canon Healthcare USA, INC., Canon will hand over part of the marketing operations incubated at the Global Headquarters throughout Canon’s long history. These operations will be moved to the Global Marketing Center to be established in January 2023 to strengthen upstream By networking with medical institutions at the forefront of treatment and better understanding the market, Canon will develop and recommend products and solutions that meet the trends and needs of the medical market. Such efforts include initiating joint research with American medical institutions on the practical application of X-ray CT systems using photon count detection modules, with the aim of seizing the #1 share of the global IT market at an early stage.

In addition, Canon Medical Systems USA (hereinafter CMSU), the US subsidiary of Canon Medical Systems Corporation (hereinafter Canon Medical), will transfer some of its product sales and service operations to Canon Healthcare USA. This will integrate operations with downstream marketing2thereby enabling the company to focus on increasing its share of medical diagnostic systems in the American market.

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One of the candidate locations, the Cleveland area, is home to the headquarters and factory of Quality Electrodynamics, LLC (hereafter QED), which develops and manufactures MRI core components and was admitted to the Canon Group in 2019. Under the umbrella of Canon Healthcare USA, Canon will aim to increase coordination between systems and component businesses.

In addition, Canon Medical will take over Canon’s 10-year high-tech research activities at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham Women’s Hospital, and the Healthcare Optics Research Laboratory (HORL) in Boston, and will foster collaborative research into commercialization. With the Global Marketing Center. In addition, Canon is considering the possibility of expanding its US-based development, production and other capabilities to further strengthen its business in the country.

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Establishing this new company and expanding its business operations is expected to require US$300 million in investment capital. This investment will strengthen Canon’s growth by deepening its understanding of customer and market needs and redoubling its efforts in the American market, thus contributing to the global medical industry.

1 Upstream marketing is a type of marketing strategy that focuses on identifying a specific group of customers, identifying their specific needs, and identifying which products and services meet those needs.

2 Downstream marketing is a type of marketing strategy that focuses on increasing sales by communicating directly with customers and partners at the edge of sales networks.

Overview Canon Healthcare USA, INC.

  1. Company name: Canon Healthcare USA, INC.
  2. Location: Near the city of Cleveland, Ohio, USA (temporary)
  3. Representatives: Chairman: Hiroyuki Fujita (temporary) / Chairman: Hisashi Tachizaki (temporary)
  4. Business: US and global marketing, organization of US-based component manufacturing businesses
  5. Number of employees: About 20 (temporary)
  6. Investment rate: Canon Inc. (%one hundred)
  7. Established: January 2023 (temporary)



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