Being a successful entrepreneur is all about calculating your moves: Anshu Tripathy

Chasing a dream and making it happen takes a lot of hard work. There will be some obstacles, distractions and difficulties, but such difficulties can only be overcome with the help of strong will This is what Anshu Tripathy has managed to prove. From a housewife to an entrepreneur to a philanthropist and now a political figure, Ms. Tripathy has gone beyond her own achievements and set a leading example of a successful woman of excellence.

Ms. Tripathy is the sole director of ‘HP Minerals’, a thriving mineral trading and shipping company, as well as P&A Advertising Agency Pvt. Ltd., one of the renowned and most prominent Advertising Agencies in Odisha, with multiple divisions since 1995, from print, electronic and digital media promotions to producing and publishing Advertisements for Doordarshan. “Tripathy Combines” where various serials were shot for Sarthak TV and Doordarshan Odia.

He is also involved in a number of charitable causes including outreach work through his own charity ‘Kanya Anmol Hai’ and educational institution BN International College. Currently, Ms. Tripathy has taken on a new role as Secretary of State of Biju Mahila Janata Dal to work towards its mission to empower women in Odisha.

We had a fruitful time with Anshu Tripathy learning about his journey, mission and vision.

Before we start, tell us about yourself. Under what circumstances did you shape your young mind to become the person you are today?

Since my father is a sales and income tax attorney, I have been fascinated by his profession since childhood. I then proceeded to select Commerce. I was helping my father after my education. Then I was doing a job in my own field.

Although I had plans to become an entrepreneur, conditions were not very favorable back then. After I got married, I had to quit my job because my mother-in-law was not convinced at first. My husband is a famous Odia TV show producer and businessman. I was helping him with the build, but this just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have any background in production, I couldn’t develop a passion for it. But I tended towards the mining trade and shipping business.

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In 2007, I had the opportunity to establish a mining trade and shipping company. Because of my husband’s support, I spent most of my time in business and at the same time doing my household chores.

The first company I started mining business with was a subsidiary. After gaining 2 years of experience in this field, in 2009 as a sole proprietor I founded a mining trading company ‘HP minerals’ and traded all over Odisha. This led to my journey as a female entrepreneur.

For a few women who want to grow their business as an entrepreneur, please share your entrepreneurial journey with us.

Today, my company, HP Minerals, is a successful company engaged in the sustainable trade and transport of Gypsum, both by rail and road. We are Jindal Steel & Power Ltd (JSPL), one of the largest Gypsum suppliers in Raigarh. Many PoP (Gypsum of Paris) industries and Fly ash utilization industries all over India rely on our Gypsum supply for their production units. We also work with other companies on a tie-up basis. Actually I am the only female entrepreneur in the Gypsum trading industry in Odisha.

But my journey has never been easy. I stepped into the business world when my child was only six months old. After 10 pm, I was working while my family was sleeping. I’ve worked hard to reach my goal and I’ve gone through many rejections to get to this point. There are many excuses, but to be successful business women, you need to be dedicated to your work. The ambition to do something on your own will bring you success.

Entrepreneurship covers a wide range of product and service segments. Before starting a business, you need to know the basics of the segment you will choose. In addition, you need to devote enough time to your work, choose your client wisely according to your capacity. But the struggle arises in terms of funding and funding.

Being a successful entrepreneur is all about calculating your moves. It is necessary to calculate how much time they spent, how much money they spent, and the struggle for the rate of profitability. If you can’t get your money’s worth, you shouldn’t start. Apart from that, I sincerely believe that personal discipline, taking care of one’s health and wellness, and having adequate family support can go a long way in making women successful in all areas of life.

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Outside of the professional front, you are a well-known social worker. But few people know the trouble behind it. Could you please share the founding story of your college and charity with us?

Despite my intense professional commitments, my passion for doing something for the community led me to join a nonprofit charity.

I am the founder of the Kanya Anmol Haia Charitable Foundation. It was started by a group of friends and I have been involved with the organization since 2011. The aim of the organization is to help underprivileged girls finish their school education without leaving school due to financial problems. Often, girls from needy families or who are not financially strong are exploited for lack of proper guidance. We focus on raising the underprivileged girl child and empowering women. Our team adopts several girls from schools in and around Khordha and covers their fees and other related expenses until they shape their careers.

I also stepped into the role of President of BN International College, a fully boarding college affiliated with CHSE. I believe in quality education and I have ensured that students receive a multifaceted holistic education. To encourage students to develop sensitivity towards the disadvantaged, students were encouraged to visit nearby orphanages, schools for the deaf and dumb, and engage in charitable activities. Today BN International College also serves as a Skills Development Center providing a range of vocational courses to empower young people from marginalized segments of society.

Apart from that, I served as a member of the core team in initiating the Pink Car Rally with the Bhubaneswar Commissioner Police, which turned out to be one of the largest rallies recently held to raise awareness of women’s safety and empowerment. additionally.

Now that you are the BJD Secretary of State, we would like to know your views on politics. Also what is your vision for the people of Odisha as a public figure?

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I am currently the state secretary of Biju Mahila Janta Dal (BMJD). If you are entering politics, I believe that your goal is to do good for the people and solve their problems. Everyone loves a leader who stands with and for the people. If you’re coming to politics for your own development, then don’t get into politics. To be a good political leader, you must have good intentions.

I have observed that there are a number of government programs for business owners in Odisha that we are not using efficiently. On the other hand, there is great potential for the development of women entrepreneurs in the state. As I represent the women’s wing of the ruling party, my vision is to make as many women as confident as possible. If we spread awareness, spread programs and resources, knowledge and skills, and hands-on support, we can create some great women entrepreneurs in the state.

From an entrepreneur to a social worker and now a politician, you’ve come a long way in setting the perfect example for a successful woman. But what else is in the future? Pls share your plans.

My goal is to be a successful business woman. Outside of the mining business, I am the Director of P&A Advertising Agency Pvt. Ltd is Affiliated with INS (Indian Newspaper Society) and is also one of the famous and foremost Advertising Agencies in Odisha.

However, my personal goal is to expand my mining trade and shipping business and I’m sure I’ve put extra effort into it as time goes on. I am now one of the directors of Sri Chaitanya College affiliated with CBSE. My other goal is to broaden it more broadly in terms of CBSE-based education.

That aside, my knack for social work will continue to exist. This would grow over time. I always look out for people in need and distress, so I look forward to contributing more to the community.

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