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Oro Health Announces Launch of AI-Powered Triage and Recommendation Tool

MONTREAL, February 2, 2023 /CNW Telbec/Oro healthone of “Canada’s 10 Most Promising Tech Startups in 2022,” MedTech has announced its DermSmarta tool designed to accurately classify skin types and common skin conditions.

For three years now, Oro Health has been applying its deep learning algorithm to a proprietary dataset of over 80,000 clinical images classified by two Canadian board-certified dermatologists, with the ultimate goal of offering it to lay healthcare professionals as clinical decision support. a means to improve front-line dermatological care.

The tool is trained to assess a patient’s skin condition and type, offering perfectly tailored routines and product recommendations. DermSmart was created to help frontline healthcare providers provide customized care for skin conditions. Aesthetic centers and pharmacies are thus perfect use cases, as the technology allows offering over-the-counter intervention plans that are perfectly tailored to the patient’s skin type.

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The company also has asynchronous telehealth technology that is used in several specialties other than dermatology. The company is currently pursuing medical device certification for the DermSmart AI tool.

“Medical device certification will allow Oro Health to offer a tool to primary care professionals to help them quickly identify a patient’s skin disease. This will make the first-line treatment plan more successful. We believe DermSmart could significantly reduce the number of referrals to dermatologists and thus help reduce waiting lists.” ” dr. Emilie Bourgeault, BA, MD, Dermatologist (FRCPC), CEO of Oro Health.

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Incorporating these algorithms into clinical workflows with existing EMRs and virtual clinic networks is also a priority. ”We designed DermSmart to work in real-life settings with user-captured images. We also focus on minor skin conditions, which account for almost 25% of all primary care consultations. Clinical relevance is our primary focus. We’ve built the tool using a simple API that can be easily integrated into existing systems. It’s time to use technology to improve healthcare..” Bruno MorelCTO of Oro

About Oro Health

Oro Health offers AI-based solutions for medical clinics that want to use the full potential of technology to improve access to and quality of care. Patients can receive reliable, fast and safe care at a time and place of their choosing.

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